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Casper Rolsted has always been fascinated by nature. Since his childhood his way of relaxing was to be surrounded by mountains, trees, waterfalls, fresh air, and silence. The silence in the undisturbed nature inspired him to begin a project which would fully capture the authentic picture of nature with both visuals and audio. Through series of films Casper presents nature at its most natural as he films the place as it is and doesn’t use any artificial music but rather records the original sounds, creating the most genuine atmosphere possible.

It is only when you fall in love with something that you truly want to protect it.

The silence of the Dolomites is the second episode in Casper’s project. The mountain magnificence in the Northeastern Italy is also called the ”Pale Mountains” and conceals a breath-taking Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. In August 2009 the Dolomites were even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even though many people come to the Dolomites to ski or have Christmas parties, accompanied by family or friends, the Dolomites are also perfect for the complete opposite. They are a shelter for those who want to escape from their busy world for a while and want to experience the nature alone because listening to the silence has so many benefits. Apart from the incredible peace it brings, silence also reduces stress and the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. When we learn to be quiet we become healthier and better at listening to others.

So please, go some place quiet, put your headphones on and undisturbed enjoy the silence of the Dolomites. But don’t forget:

Natural silence is not the absence of sound from nature, it is the absence of noise from modern life.

The silence of the Dolomites - Headphones recommended

The silence of the Dolomites - Headphones recommended

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