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Broken Bird (2020) | short film by Rachel Harrison Gordon

Broken Bird (2020) | short film by Rachel Harrison Gordon

[tape recording of Torah chanting]
[Chanting in Hebrew]

["Eretz Zavat Chalav U'dvash" by Nina Simone]

Alright, lean back sweetie.

This tender head of yours.

Thank you.
Wow! Mom, stop!
[NPR chime]

[Disco music]

[Disco music lowers]

You hungry?
You want a soda?
I'm not allowed. Well, with me, we drink soda.
So, your Bat Mitzvah.
How's that going? I hate the Torah portion that they gave me. I hate going there, the Rabbis... always reminding me, "Egypt's in Africa." Listen. You don't need them. If you don't like what they gave you, make something up. What are they gonna do? Stop you in the middle?
[singing] Baruch Atah Adonai.
Baruch Atah Adon...
Merry Christmas bro!
How you doing? Just trying to make it down the road. This is Birdie. Hi Miss Birdie.
You like these?
Take your time sweetie. You going to the meeting by the mall at uh…5:30? Yeah. That'd be good. I gotta get her back to her mother.
["Bad Girls" by Donna Summer on radio]
So how do you know it's fake? Well, you can either go to the store with glossy doors and champagne, or the back of some dude's car.
Leave it. [Radio plays] Did she keep the records? Yeah, I think they're somewhere. [singing] Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep. Dad stop. Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep. [Honks twice] Dad stop, really stop. Toot toot. Hey. [Honks twice]
Will you come?
To my Bat Mitzvah?
I'll be there.

[Music plays]

[Andre] Listen, She invited me to her Bat Mitzvah. Are we gonna be good? [Eileen] It's always up to you.
["Bad Girls" plays]

Don't do that! You scared me. Sorry. I've been calling you for dinner. What are you listening to?
[Chants Hebrew]

[Echoes] Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep.
Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep.
[Chanting] Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep.

Toot toot. Hey. Beep beep.

[Hebrew chanting]

[Truck honks]

["Higher" by Amyra León]

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